My love for the visual arts started at a young age. During my teenage years I had my focus on photography, while helping my dad with his videoproductions. After high-school I started a BSc in Mediatechnology, which trained me in a range of skills: from art-history to camera-signal technique. However, I didn’t enjoy being surrounded by technical equipment as much as I enjoyed being among people. I decided to become a physics teacher: among the people, where I belong. I was thrilled to work in a lively environment again, and I rediscovered my love for creativity: playing with light, among the people, where I belong. After a few years of splitting myself in half and being both a teacher and a photographer I decided to fully engage my one true love: capturing visuals in both stills and moving images.


Client: Sanofi
Event registration w/ multiple cameras and live-feed

Very professional, faced any challenges head-on and everything went smoothly.

Client: Elevate Health
Corporate-wide portrait photography

With his artistic vision and his strive for perfection, not to mention his ability to listen and to find the best possible solutions, Marijn impressed me by his truly beautiful pictures and his pleasant way of working together.

Client: Muiswerk
Task: Promotional and testimonial video production

We’re very happy, everyone is excited. We’re also sending the video abroad!

Client: Julius Clinical
Task: Event photography

Thank you for the great photos of our company party! Everyone is reliving the party once more!

My focus and strength are in shooting portraits and events, and giving workshops with a strong didactic approach. I can be booked for single jobs, but thanks to the vast network I’ve gained over the years I’m also able to address a larger-scale production. Additional photographers, cameramen, editors or technicians whom I select to fit the result you’ve got in mind.